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johnchasteen at juno.com johnchasteen at juno.com
Wed Jul 18 10:30:27 EDT 2012

I am glad you had a ball at this summers COCO FEST.
It seems that each year the event is getting better.
If you have any equipment needs, WWW.cloud9tech.com 
has a lot of great equipment, documentation and tech support
He does a mail order repair for me when I get into trouble.
Also WWW.GlensideCCC.com has a lot of links and other information.
Have you been to WWW.coco3.com ? The CoCoNutz E-zine (5) link has 
many helpful article on using the COCO.

Happy surfing


On Wed, 18 Jul 2012 07:00:13 -0500 George Schneeweiss
<george13 at frontier.com> writes:
> Hi Dan.
> I am glad that you enjoyed the Fest.
> Yes the dues are $10 for you.
> You can make the check out to Glenside Color Computer Club.
> Gator, Bob Swoger is a very good guy to talk with.
> He has all the knowledge needed.
>   And is a great guy too, full of fun.
> Another great guy is Tony Podraza, our Prez again.
> He has been the reason that the club is going so strong.
> He is 100% dedicated to the club & CoCo.
> Either one is real good to ask for help.
> The guys in the club are the reason that I am still a member as I am 
> 91 
> yrs old.
> I used to love the CoCo better than this ????, supply your own 
> term.
> They are ALL smarter than I am.
> Thank you, Dan for writing to us.
> George Schneeweiss, aka Snowwhite.
> On 7/18/2012 6:44 AM, Daniel Keller wrote:
> > Dear Mr. Schneeweiss,
> >
> > I attended the Glenside CoCoFEST convention for the very first 
> time 
> > earlier this year, and I had an absolutely wonderful time there!  
> > While I have been a Commodore 64 enthusiast for some time, I was 
> > almost completely unfamiliar with TRS-80 Color Computers before I 
> > attended your convention and didn't know too much about them.  
> Despite 
> > this, all of the members of the GCCC gave me a very warm welcome 
> at 
> > the convention, showed me all of the projects were being 
> exhibiting 
> > there, and gave me a very good introduction on how much fun CoCo's 
> can 
> > be.  I even came home with some fantastic CoCo stuff from the 
> Sunday 
> > auction so that I could start playing with a CoCo of my very own!
> >
> > At the convention I only opted in to a free membership in your 
> club.  
> > This was because I was so new to CoCo's that I was still trying to 
> > take everything in, I was meeting many of your club's members for 
> the 
> > first time, and I didn't want to rush into joining anything in 
> earnest 
>  on my first day.  However, since my first time meeting everyone at 
> > CoCoFEST I have continued to have nothing but positive experiences 
> > with your club's members.  In fact, I have to say that every 
> member of 
> > the Glenside Color Computer Club that I have met and spoken to 
> have 
> > been some of the nicest, most helpful, and most generous people 
> that I 
> > have ever met.  So even though I am still just starting to learn 
> my 
> > way around my own CoCo, I would like to support your club 
> financially 
> > by upgrading to a paid membership.
> >
> > I mentioned my wanting to upgrade to a paid membership during a 
> phone 
> > conversation to Mr. Swoger over the weekend, and he told me that I 
> > would owe you $10 for my membership dues because I attended 
> > earlier this year.  However, before I mail my check to you I 
> wanted to 
> > confirm with you about whether or not that is indeed true, or if I 
> owe 
> > you $15 like the GCCC newsletter says.  I don't want to short you 
> $5 
> > accidentally, so please let me know if I owe you $10 or $15.  
> Also, 
> > please let me know who I should make the check out to.
> >
> > Thank you in advance for your time, and I will be looking forward 
> to 
> > hearing back from you!
> >
> > Sincerely,
> > Daniel Keller
> >
> >
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