[Coco] My CoCoing Status

tonym tonym at compusource.net
Fri Jul 13 00:16:31 EDT 2012

OK - been a LOOOOONG time since i was cocoing.

To that end, I emailed Mark and got a SuperIDE, Sardis FDC, and had a J&M FDC repaired.
The SuperIDE came set up and ready to go, so that's that. Soon I'll bust out the TC^3
and go hog wild! If the MPI holds up, that is :)

Connected with Roy, seeing as my CM-5 decided to die, and got a VGA converter.

In the meantime, it's been a lONG TIME since I played with the CoCo, or delved into OS-9
So I've been getting reacquainted using Vcc. Been going through the old-school motions, ie, 
making disks, using the emudsk.dr and h0.dd to format the vhd and install OS-9 L2V2 (yes - NOT NitrOS-9 just yet...)
Got past that, re-learned the intricacies of os9gen, etc...

To re-learn, is there a copy of KwikGen anywhere? Seen manuals and a demo.... 


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