[Coco] SuperIDE / HDB-DOS and physical floppies question

tonym tonym at compusource.net
Sun Jul 8 22:25:49 EDT 2012

OK - I've run this multiple times with multiple FDCs and it doesn't work.
Works in the emulator, though :)

Have a -3029 FDC in slot 4, with stock RSDOS 1.1
SuperIDE in SLot 3, 512MB CF card already set up. FlashBank0 on the SuperIDE has the proper HDB-DOS 1.1D for the 512MB CF card.

When I set the MPI to slot 4 (FDC) and LOADM"HDB-DOS":EXEC, everything works: HDB-DIS virtual floppies, and physical DRIVE0

If I set the MPI to slot 3 (SuperIDE: set to Flash0) it boots fine, HDB-DOS virtual floppies work, but physical DRIVE0 does not - DRIVE OFF or ON.

Are the physical floppies supposed to be able to work if you boot from the SuperIDE flashbanks?



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