[Coco] Coco 3 emulator and Linux

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Sat Jul 7 07:51:53 EDT 2012

Keith Clark wrote:
> I'm trying to setup Jeff Vavasour's CoCo 3 emulator using Ubuntu and
> DosBox and I have tried with both the ROMs and the OS-9 patch but I
> still get the following error:
> No Colour Computer 3 ROM files found in the default path.
> Any ideas?
> Keith

Are you using the correct ROM images? The JVC emulator does not use the same ROM 
images used by MESS and VCC.

Your ROMs must have a two byte header (Intel order) indicating the memory 
location of the ROM.
coco3.rom header = $0080
disk11.rom = $00C0

You may also want the zero byte file 2MEGS present in the emulator directory to 
get more than 512K of RAM.

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