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tonym tonym at compusource.net
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OK - Forgive me, never done HDB-DOS before, and neither the SuperIDE!

OK - so I got a SuperIDE w/256MB CF card from Mark.

I have a 512MB Kingston I want to set up. Swap cards, and then I have to build a new ROM to flash into another flash bank on the SUperIDE, correct?
HDD/CF parameters are hard-coded into the HDB-DOS ROM file? Or can the same EPROM/Flashbank be shared between drives?
If not, is EPROM.DOS the file I would program into the SuperIDE Flash bank I wish to use?

Current flashbanks:

512KB CoCo3, 6309+Pro-tector

MPI setup:
Slot3:SuperIDE 512MB Kingston CF in CF slot
Slo4:26-3029 RS FDC w/RS-DOS 1.1 + Qume 360K DS/DD 40T FDD


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Well, at least I know what I can't do, so I don't bang my head on the wall...

Can't find my USB reader, so going to BBuy after work to get another.
Now to find small-ish 256MB/512MB CF cards... maybe Walmart, CompUSA/Tiger have old smaller junk laying around...

If I take that 256MB CF card that I got from Mark w/the SuperIDE that is still virgin and untouched, can it be DD'd to preserve the fs,
or copy over to another 256MB CF? I guess because dd is a bit-level copy, it doesn't really car what's on the media FS-wise, correct?


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On Fri, Jul 6, 2012 at 4:45 PM, tonym <tonym at compusource.net> wrote:
> Ok - so no way to map 0-3 to a dw3 server, while having 4-255 on the CF card or HDD via HDB-DOS?
> My goal was to be able to repeatedly mount .DSK images on the DW server as DRIVE0 and then just
> BACKUP 0 TO 14 for example, then mount a different image in the DW3 server, then BACKUp 0 TO 15, etc...

You can do exactly this while booted in OS9, or you can use one of the
alternative techniques Robert suggested, or you can use the Toolshed
and dd, or probably a dozen other things.  The one thing that you
cannot do is the one method you wanted to use, unfortunately.

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