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Fri Jul 6 15:19:48 EDT 2012

Well, this is from a ton of disks Art Flexser left me in a few boxes of stuff when he moved away from miami.

Obviously, there's stuff I don't know if should be imaged and uploaded, ie, I know Steve Bjork doesn't want his stuff out like that, so I'm
trying to snoop through as much as possible before just imaging and uploading. However, stuff may be munged up, so if there's something you
guys see that shouldn't be there, or if you're a copyright owner and something of yours is there, let us know immediately. it's just that there's
a TON of stuff, and I can't sift through everything - I figured we'd do a community-sift :)

Juan has put them up at http://users.vialink.com.br/jcastro/CoCoDSKs/ so again, if someone sees something that should NOT be there, or something of
yours is there and should not be, let both Juan and I know, so:

1) Juan can remove it from the public-view list and
2) I can flag it for future reference as not shareable.


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I second Juan Castro's suggestion - can you zip/tar it up, and make it 
available for the group (or are you still imaging, and going to release 
the whole thing later)?

Andrew L. Ayers
Glendale, Arizona

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