[Coco] Liber809 memory usage

Boisy G. Pitre boisy at tee-boy.com
Sun Jul 1 16:33:41 EDT 2012

On Jul 1, 2012, at 1:24 PM, iggybeans at comcast.net wrote:

> Does anyone know how much memory can be accessed under NitroOS9 when using a Liber809 in an Atari 130XE?
> Is it 64K or can I use the full 128K?


NitrOS-9 does not currently take advantage of the extra 64K in the 130XE.  

> I'm trying to figure out where I can map video memory and if it's the former Ihave the full upper bank to work with.

I'm not sure how mapping the video memory to the extra 64K would work.  I would envision that the extra 64K could be used as a RAM disk. 

> BTW - Anyone else working with one of these?
> Jim Igou
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