[Coco] OS-9 Level-I complete was: OS-9 Level 1 O1_2.dsk

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> No. Including the Lv1 V2 config disk image you sent me, 

That disk is named by me as O1_2.dsk

> I received the Lv1 
> V1 boot disk image (a dsk image that includes a BAS and BIN file) 

That disk is named by me as O0_2.dsk

> and the 
> Lv1 V1 System Master disk image. 

That disk is named by me as O0_1.dsk

That makes 3. The V2 System Master disk 

That disk is named by me as O1_1.dsk

> image is still outstanding. 

I just sent it to you.

I realize that it would have been better to not use base 0 for my disk labeling but as there is a CD somewhere with copies of these disks, I am going to retain the base 0 numbering.

> If there is a different boot disk for V2 that 
> remains outstanding as well, in addition to the V1 Basic09 disk.

There was no V2 two boot disk as it was an upgrade to V1.

Basic09 was added by OS-9 Level-II, it was sold separately for OS-9 Level-I AFAIK.

> Wayne

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