[Coco] Does anyone know how to start OS9 Sierra games?

Bill Pierce ooogalapasooo at aol.com
Sat Feb 25 19:30:51 EST 2012

Some of the Sierra games WILL run on DOS, but some require you to type "sierra" or "autoexec" at the OS9 prompt. ALSO, very important. Your OS9 boot MUST have the VI, VRN and FTTD system files installed and you MUST start from a VDG window or no Sierra games will run. I know someone was working on a way around these restraints at one time,but I don't know if it was ever done. The games in the NitrOs9 D/Ls require this. The actual Sierra games disks in the archives have the proper boot. I run them all the time in VCC. King's Quest III seems to hang on a screen load at one point and I'm stll trying different D/Ls to see if it's the program or VCC. I will say that Leisure Suit Larry & King's Quest III were the best Coco games I ever played.

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I never got to use the real thing, but the drivewire images just run
he game when you type DOS.  I'd imagine that's what is supposed to
On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 2:54 PM, Roy Lores <cyberpunk at prtc.net> wrote:
 Does anyone remembers how to start OS9 Sierra games on the CoCo? (Well i
 actually use VCC emulator) I do type the DOS command and OS9 does start but
 from then on I don't know how to make the game run. The only command
 available seems to be Startup and all that does is give you the same initial
 message when you boot the OS9 game with the command prompt staring at you.

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