[Coco] FW: VCC Keys

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Sat Feb 25 17:25:00 EST 2012

Luis Fernández wrote:
>   I've found some keys to vcc, and if somebody needs
>   PC                    CC
> ------------------------------
> Alt         ->  @
> SHIFT+2->@
> Shift-Alt ->  Shift-@ =PAUSE
> Ctrl       ->  =
> END     ->  BREAK
> HOME  ->  CLS
> 8  ->   FL-UP

I might as well set the record straight. While there may be some strange key 
combos in VCC, RGDBDOS incorporates "FlexiKey" by Colin J. Stearman (c) 1984.

FlexiKey has the following unusual functions.
1) Once a command line has been entered, it can be recalled character by 
character with the right arrow.
2) Once a command line has been entered, it can be completely recalled with 
Shift Right Arrow.

Recalled characters will acts as normal on ENTER.

3) Recalled characters may be edited before execution with ENTER.
3a) Shift Up Arrow - starts insertion.
3b) Down Arrow - deletes the next character.
3c) Right Arrow - recalls a single character after editing is finished.
3d) Shift Right Arrow - recalls the rest of the line after editing is finished.
4) Shift Down Arrow - returns to the beginning of the line for further editing 
without execution with ENTER.
5) Shift Clear - turns off FlexiKey so that special characters normally printed 
with the arrow keys will work. FlexiKey will automatically restart after the 
'special' key has been entered.

6) FlexiKey does not function when the Basic line editor is in use. The buffer 
can hold 250 characters.

The above explains why VCC with RGBDOS active prints \ after a Shift Home Shift 
Home. VCC uses Home for the Clear key and with DOS1.0 or DOS1.1, the Shift Clear 
combo prints \ .
There are other 'useful' VCC keys with FlexiKey turned off or RGBDOS deselected.

combo            printed
shift up          left arrow
shift right       ]
shift down        [
[ and ]           actually work

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