[Coco] Looking for utilities for the following chores....

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All three aspects of working with files that I listed work perfectly now. 
Thanks, Robert.  I really appreciate you taking the time to type up those 

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> K. Pruitt wrote:
>> Some of the things I would like to do is:
>> 1. Create blank virtual disks for use with Drivewire 4 (currently I am 
>> using
>> pre-existing blank virtual disks)
> You don't need any utilities for this purpose as DW4 will do the job.
> From the DW4 interface, right click on a drive number and select "Create 
> new disk for drive #".
> A new window will open where you can enter the name of an existing file in 
> the blank. If you want a name that does not yet exist (as a zero byte 
> file), click on the [...] and select the directory you want and enter a 
> new file name.
> This will 'create' a disk but it can't yet be used. You must format the 
> disk either with the Disk Basic DSKI or the OS-9 Format commands. These 
> commands are issued from your Coco.
>> 2. Copy files from my PC (let's say text files from the My Documents 
>> directory)
>> to those virtual disks which I could then access via my Coco.
> If you use a current OS that does not have DOS, you need either the 
> Toolshed package (a Sourceforge project), imgtool/wimgtool (from MESS), or 
> some of the tools mentioned on this list.
>> 3. Copy real RSDOS disks from my Coco to virtual disks via Drivewire. 
>> When I try
>> this it appears to be successful but the virtual disks always revert to 
>> their
>> blank state.
> You don't need any utilities for this purpose as DW4 will do the job.
> On the DW4 menubar, select Tools/HDBDOS translation. You should then see a 
> message Item 'HDBDOSMode' set to 'true'. Select it again and you should 
> see
> Item 'HDBDOSMode' set to 'false'. You want this mode turned on or TRUE.
> Now mount a blank or scrap disk in the DW4 server drive0. Mount on your 
> Coco the disk to transfer in drive1. Enter the HDBDOS command DRIVEOFF0. 
> This will make drive0 a real Coco drive and drive1 a DW4 drive. Use 
> BACKUP0TO1 or the COPY command.
> You can also transfer files from DW4 to you Coco.
>> Are there utilities (or even just instructions) out there that do these 
>> tasks
>> successfully?
>> Thanks.
> If 1. or 3. above don't work, you either have Write Protect turned on in 
> DW4 or have used a Read Only directory on your PC.
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