[Coco] Another X-10 question

Ed Orbea ed.orbea at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 21:43:00 EST 2012

Thanks to the members of the list, I received the information about the
5-PIN DIN cable to connect my CoCo3 to the controller.
Now, when connect the cable between the controller and the coco cassette
port and then run Chris Hawk's coco3 software, I get an communication error
message advising me to check the controller. I have swapped my controller
with another, but get the same error message.
I am looking at possible solutions.
So, do the controllers have a fairly high failure rate?
I admit I have not used my cassette port as I have DW3/DW4, Roger's Drive
Pak and several floppy drives with controller, so what should I check to
see if it is a cassette port problem?
I am wondering if I also have a cable that is not pin 1 to pin 1? (When I
hold the cable so that the DIN plugs are side-by-side and use a multimeter,
they farest left pin on one DIN plug  "connects" to the farest left pin on
the DIN plug (I am holding them parallel to each other, not end-to-end, so
I hope my description is accurate enough))
Any other suggestions to try?


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