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The suggestion that you try "DOSBOX" may be the best method as it has 
"SoundBlaster" support.

From: http://www.dosgames.com/essential.php


DOSBox    DOSBox Crew

DOS Emulator - Runs some DOS games better than Windows
Want an easy way to run some DOS games in Windows better than Windows does? 
Try DOSBox. It works in Win95, 98, and ME, but is probably more helpful for 
Windows XP/2000 users who don't have a "real" version of DOS on their 
machines, DOSBox is a DOS emulator, meaning it simulates DOS on your 
computer. (Similarly to Microsoft's "Command Prompt", but better.) It 
includes SoundBlaster support, and is constanly being improved to work with 
more games. If a game doesn't work in WinXP, try running it in DOSBox 
instead! (Also try VDMSound, listed below!)


from: http://www.dosgames.com/xphints.php


Part 6: Sound Blaster madness

Getting sound to work properly in games can be one of the most annoying 
problems in XP. Windows XP tries to emulate DOS sound automatically, using 
the following settings: A220 I5 D1 T3 P330. If a game (or its setup program) 
is asking for sound card info, that is what you should enter.

However, I've found that this rarely works. A better solution is to download 
VDMSound, a Sound Blaster emulator specifically made for Windows XP/2000. 
(VDMSound will NOT work in Windows 9x or ME!) Download and install the 
software found on that site. Then when you want to play the game, either 
create a shortcut using VDMSound as described in the game docs, or, just 
right click on a game, and choose the option to run it with VDMS. Hopefully, 
you'll hear sound! :)

Note that sometimes the only way to get a game working is to turn off sound. 
It can kinda suck to play a game without sound, but its better than nothing. 
Often there is a "SETUP.EXE" or "CONFIG.EXE" (or something similar) file 
that comes with a game that allows you to select your sound options. Use 
this program to turn sound off and see if that allows you to run the game.


Please let us / me know how it works out.


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> Even with the hi-speed poke, I get the same thing. When I type "PLAY", or
> "SOUND".
> I'm using a cmd window in XP. I have a DOS boot disk, I'll try that.

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