[Coco] DriveWire 3

K. Pruitt pruittk at adelphia.net
Sat Feb 18 22:13:57 EST 2012

Just received my Drivewire Cable and Cassette package (needed the cassette 
cable to load the . wav file) from Cloud 9 today (very quick shipping - 
thanks Mark!).  Very, very cool and amazingly fast for going through the 
bit-banger.  Anybody on this list who doesn't have this should definitely 
grab a cable and the server software if you want to run your real Coco.

Currently I am using the Drivewire 3 server. One odd thing I've noticed (and 
maybe it's just my computer) but when I print anything to /p it comes 
through to my pc okay but when I try and print from the virtual printer 
window it prints out blank sheets.  Is this a known problem?

I made my own drivewire cable about a week ago but couldn't try it out 
because I didn't have a cassette cable to load the .wav file.  I was amazed 
to find out that my cable actually works (for now, anyway) as I practically 
soldered this thing together without the ability to even see what I was 
soldering.  Soldering while holding the solder, the iron and a magnifying 
glass is quite a trick.  I'll probably stick with the cable from Cloud9, but 
I was glad to find that I hadn't totally lost all the skills of my youth - 
even if is only the skill to solder a simple cable together.

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