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Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Thu Feb 16 22:50:06 EST 2012


There is no editor AFAIK that will "load a text file from a disk image in 
vcc". CoCoDskUtil may do what you wish, I remember it also had problems with 

There are two ways that I use to transfer files from CoCo "dsk" files and PC 

First is the PORT utility in Jeff's and John's emulator. John's one is 
preferred as he fixed some things Jeff did not do right.

Yes it is awkward to use, but it works ALL the time.


If you want a visual way to transfer the files, perhaps with some problems 
that I need to find again and tell the author about.



Go up one higher level and there is a redirect to the file.

I thought that I created a topic for the best editor IMHO for the PC, but I 
cannot find it.



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> I'm still trying to locate a simple text editor that will allow me to load 
> a text file from a disk image in vcc.
> Still trying to figure out this cvox voice synthesizer for the color 
> computer 3. If I could learn to feed that my own text,
> I wouldn't need to take up one precious slot of my y-cable for the sound 
> speech pak for my project. (Trying to build a
> coco controlled mobile robot.)
> Everything else for the project is going, but going real slow... I figured 
> out some simple sensors using the joystick ports.
> I have frame built, working on main motors and such now. Soon I add the 
> "brains".
> Any suggestions for a text editor or could one of you guys look at the 
> cvox demo .dsk image and help me figure out if I can use this?
> Or am I better off just using the sound speech pak?
> Best regards,
> Steven

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