[Coco] Coco text editor...

haywire666 at aol.com haywire666 at aol.com
Thu Feb 16 19:09:10 EST 2012

I'm still trying to locate a simple text editor that will allow me to load a text file from a disk image in vcc.
Still trying to figure out this cvox voice synthesizer for the color computer 3. If I could learn to feed that my own text,
I wouldn't need to take up one precious slot of my y-cable for the sound speech pak for my project. (Trying to build a 
coco controlled mobile robot.)

Everything else for the project is going, but going real slow... I figured out some simple sensors using the joystick ports.
I have frame built, working on main motors and such now. Soon I add the "brains".

Any suggestions for a text editor or could one of you guys look at the cvox demo .dsk image and help me figure out if I can use this?

Or am I better off just using the sound speech pak? 

Best regards,


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