[Coco] Drive pak

Stephen D Storr sstorr at sstorr.karoo.co.uk
Thu Feb 16 15:37:04 EST 2012


I noticed your recent post about Wanting help producing (soldering) the coco drive pak...

If you are willing to ship the components to me in the uk I will be willing to help put a number of paks together say 10 ? and ship them to your waiting customers.

I am fairly competent with a soldering iron as I often make up serial, video and other cables for acorn, commodore, Sinclair and Atari machines. I currently repair, via eBay, acorn bbc power supplies which can be tricky for the layman to attempt.

I do not want to take over your operation, as I am busy with my own projects, but I am willing to help out as I know the pressure of having a full time occupation and running private hobby related  businesses.


Stephen D Storr

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