[Coco] New Overhauled CoCoBoot / Nitros9 Lizard

Christopher Hawks chawks at dls.net
Wed Feb 15 22:32:10 EST 2012

Brett Gordon said the following on 02/15/2012 04:10 PM:
> OK... after that last false start here we go again.  CoCoBoot has been
> re-engineered to be kinder, gentler to the FDC and IDE controllers.
> This new version of the "lizard", I mean *wizard*, now boots in a
> total different way.  No more automagic probing of hardware as this
> was (1) taking up precious boot-track space, (2) Made HDB-IDE
> partitions particularly difficult to setup, and (3) driving me insane.
> The CCB core has been updated to ver .51a, but the "noswiz" package
> has precompiled binaries for your consumption.
> To get:
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/cocoboot/files/noswiz_v2.zip/download
> Differences to last lizard:
> 1. There are now specific drive images depending on where you'll be
>     booting the wizard from the first time.
> 2. NOSWIZ asks you some more questions about your IDE controller (if
>     you have one)
> Willard:  I tested with my SuperIDE on both ff50 and ff70... it works.
> Christoper:  Works fine with Xroar... just as slow and as ungly as my
> real CoCo2 :)


	A quick look. Works fine under xroar here too. I should have time for a real 
look tomorrow night.

One quick question... What Unicorn??

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