[Coco] The Mark Twain of operating systems...

Allen Huffman alsplace at pobox.com
Wed Feb 15 00:50:45 EST 2012

I may have shared a link here a few weeks ago to the RadiSys web page stating that they no longer sold OS-9. It appears this was not what they meant. It now appears that they have resellers who sell OS-9 for them, and that the product is still available.


The resellers include RTSI in the USA (Allan Battieger, who has/had the OS-9 archive site), one in Asia, and one in Europe. Long live OS-9!

I ran in to one of the remaining OS-9 engineers at lunch today (he started with Microware in the late 1980s) and asked him about this, and he told me it had been a mistake and that the website was fixed. I also found out that there are still new products coming to market based on OS-9. Amazing.

It's the little OS that just won't die... yet...

		-- Allen

P.S. Anyone out there good at compiler technology and might be interested in porting GCC to compile for the modern OS-9?

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