[Coco] Backup of HDB-DOS drives

Steve Ostrom smostrom7 at comcast.net
Tue Feb 7 11:21:54 EST 2012

Jim, my Coco system is set up at our family cabin (think unheated - 
Minnesota winter), but I actually was able to make a floppy copy of my 
backup diskette over the weekend.  (Coco's are incredible!)  If you give me 
your address, I'll mail a copy diskette to you.  I don't have any way of 
making it into a .dsk file and sending it by e-mail.  I could not find the 
BASIC backup program I remember getting from Boisy, but I'll look for this 
come Spring.

Mark, did you want a floppy copy as well to play with at Cloud-9?

-- Steve --

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Subject: [Coco] Backup of HDB-DOS drives

I'd like to backup HDB-DOS drives from one device to another. I have SCSI 
drives. Perhaps I could use BACKUP in a loop but don't know if it's possible 
for HDB-DOS to address two different devices.

I'm thinking of using NITROS9 with a device descriptor set up for source and 
destination HDB-DOS, open each as a raw device, and copying 256 * 35 * 18 
bytes. Do we have a program like Linux's 'dd' ?

Jim, maybe I'm confused about your goal, but Cloud-9 has a BASIC backup 
command on their HDB-DOS disk to do this. It does take quite awhile, maybe 
3-4 hours for 256 drives if I recall correctly. It backs up from SCSI 0 to 
SCSI 1, for example. I wrote an assembly version that does the same thing, 
and is quite a bit faster (like the difference between snails and turtles!). 
With my assembly version, you have no real choices, but can only backup all 
256 drives from one SCSI drive to the other. Maybe you can get this BASIC 
backup program from Mark or Boisy. If it works for you, and you want a full 
backup, I can send you my faster assembly version.


Perhaps the BASIC program is DSK2DSK.BAS ? It's listed in the docs on their 
website, but it isn't on the disk I bought (v 1.1B it think). The Nitros9 
'backup' command will copy a .DSK file to a device, but not the other way 
around. I would be most thankful for a copy of your assembly program. I'm 
sure it's much faster than whatever C program I'd put together.


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