[Coco] How to get into CoCo 6809 assembly?

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That would be awesome. I don't have a scanner or I'd offer. I'd love to have these in pdf...


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Someone should get these then scan'em and make it available for our community? 
What you guys think?

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> G'day Folks,
> I am more of a lurker on this mailing list but I thought I'd chime in
> on this one due to the fact that I have a collection of books from my
> 'more active' CoCo days ...  the ML programming ones include ....
> * - TRS-80 colour computer assembly language programming by William
> Barden Jr.
> * - The MC6809 Cookbook by Carl D. Warren
> * - Machine language programming from the ground up by Hubert S. Howe
> Jr.
> * - Assembly language graphics for the TRS-80 color computer by Don &
> Kurt Inman.
> * - Programming the 6809 by Rodnay Zaks & William Labiak.
> * - MC6809-MC6809E microprocessor programming manual by Motorola
> semiconductor products.
> I'm pretty sure 'all' of these books predate the CoCo3 but they're a
> great starting point.
> I am offering any/all of these books free (except for postage) to
> anyone who can make use of them.
> I am located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia & the weight of the
> books listed is about 2.5Kg
> Obviously I would prefer pickup but I seriously doubt that is likely
> to happen.


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