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Bruce James kb8kac at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 4 08:41:49 EST 2012

Hi Roy,
have any pictures of your new Product?
and an idea on cost?
by the way I have your Svga and it works great, cant wait to see your new product....
Bruce Kb8kac

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I am writing  to tell everyone that I have begun to assemble
my SVGA converter  again.    That's right, I am back so to everyone
who is  waiting for a unit know that I am on the job.    It may take
a  couple of months to get to you but I will get to you.  I have kept
an  email record of everyone who has requested one so be ready
when I  call.   Its time for a decent display for your  coco3....

Which brings me to my subject line.   I have  put together a wooden
framework to carry my coco1 and it's four original  drives plus a dmp110
printer, multipak interface, cassette tape drive, a  color monitor, a 
monitor driven with an 80 column card and a  couple of stereo speakers 
by a stereo sound card.   I call  it "system alpha" because it was my first
machine and all the components  where purchase in the early and mid
80's except the speakers.    When I want to run system alpha it is ready
to go at the press of a switch on  a power strip.   When I am done with
it I simply throw the power  switch and push it against the wall out of 
the way.   You can  think of It is as sort of a rack system or "H" frame
but on  wheels.   The "Tandy Tangle" has been tamed.  :)

My question is this...If I offered a kit with all  the components predrilled
and ready to assemble with lag screws would there  be any interest in
such a kit.    All the wooden pieces would  be numbered and a schematic
showing how these pieces were put together would  be included.

So how about it.  Does it sound like a viable  product?


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