[Coco] How to get into CoCo 6809 assembly?

John Goodwin goodwins_highspeed at rogers.com
Sun Aug 12 02:15:19 EDT 2012

I never would have imagined I would find people talking about coding 6809E 
assembler on the web. I did tons of that, expanded the BASIC programming 
language, increased the floppy drive size from 35 Granuals to 40 and up the 
speed of the drives from 20 ms to 5 ms. I even had the drive lights acting like 
a chaser when the drives weren't active.

A pair of good books are 6809 Assembler Unravaled. They where the entire ROM 
disassembled and commented so you could find the memory locations you wanted 

I still have my old COCO with it's supped up disk ROMs, expanded BASIC ROMS, 
both piggy backed on switches and my old true upper/lowercase board. I still 
have all 120 diskettes (Although I have nmon idea if they're still readable) 
and all my program printouts, nicly tucked away in storage.


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