[Coco] Announce: OpenCoCo.net

Wes Gale sysadmin at coco3.com
Fri Sep 23 23:57:07 EDT 2011


I'd like to announce a new web site dedicated to Open Source development 
for OS-9, the CoCo, and related systems.  The goal is to have a single 
place to find many different actively developed projects for our 
favorite little computer(s) and not be bogged down with a large number 
of unrelated projects.

OpenCoCo.net uses a system that has most of the functionality of sites 
like SourceForge, offering source control, discussion forums, bug and 
feature request trackers, and other things such as a project specific 
Wiki, to provide everything you need for collaborative development.

A few projects have been created to date, and there are more still to be 
added (myself at least!).  Please come have a look, even if you are not 
a developer as the latest releases can be downloaded by anyone.

Join or create a project, all are welcome (encouraged).


Please also visit CoCo3.com.  The initial move to the new host had a bit 
of instability unfortunately.  That has since been rectified.


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