[Coco] My storm loss

Brian Blake random.rodder at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 22:26:56 EDT 2011

Hi John,

Obviously the insurance company is going to be looking for the replacement
value of the equipment that's damaged or can be declared a total loss.

For the CoCo II, Boisy's price is pretty close to what a 'stock' CoCo II
goes for on eBay right now. Couple years ago, for some reason, that price
was a little higher, so for today's market I'd say $40 is good. The unknown
here is the RGB circuit. I haven't seen one for the CoCo II EVER on eBay.
Your best bet would be to come up with a estimate on how much one would cost
to build.

Disk drives have been going high recently. So again, I'd go with Boisy's
estimate of $100.

The monitors are going to be the toughy. I've seen CM-8s go for $25 to $75.
Realistically, I couldn't assign a price to it since they are really
difficult to come by, and I've not seen the condition of yours before it was
damaged. I'd think your best bet for the monitors would be to price out an
decent LCD along with either a Roy Justice VGA adapter or maybe Chris Hawks
S-Video adapter.

On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 4:01 PM, John Odom <forgerii at yahoo.com> wrote:

>  Once again I need help in completing my proof of loss on the storm damage.
> Pleas give me reasonable values. I frankly have no idea,
> 1 CocoII with RGB output added.
> 1 dual 5 1/4" disk drive, in cabinet, complete 120 v power supply and
> controller.
> 1 Radioshack CM8 monitor (CRT)
> 1 generic RGB monitor (CRT)
> A bunch of software in discs and a couple of years worth of Rainbow
> Magazine. All has been exposed to the rain and was dropped about 8 feet, but
> shows no exterior breakage.
> I need some reasonable value to put on this stuff. Please help!
> John L. Odom
> Chemist/Microscopist
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