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gene heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Thu Sep 15 17:39:22 EDT 2011

On Thursday, September 15, 2011 05:25:27 PM John Odom did opine:

>  Once again I need help in completing my proof of loss on the storm
> damage. Pleas give me reasonable values. I frankly have no idea,
> 1 CocoII with RGB output added.

$20-80 depending on how hard it is to find another RGB kit.

> 1 dual 5 1/4" disk drive, in cabinet, complete 120 v power supply and
> controller.

For drives, check at Cloud9.  Box for drives with PSU could be cobbled up 
for a $50 bill, and again, see cloud9 for disk controllers.

> 1 Radioshack CM8 monitor (CRT)

This monitor is/was a piece of junk with very poor resolution, but its 
biggest problem is that RGB input NTSC capable monitors have been made out 
of pure unobtainium for at least a decade, so add either one of Roy's vga 
convertors, or a JAMMASoft, and a $99 lcd monitor as that is nearly the 
only path to go, either giving a much better display than the CM8 could do.

> 1 generic RGB monitor (CRT)

This solution is the same as above.
> A bunch of software in discs and a couple of years worth of Rainbow
> Magazine. All has been exposed to the rain and was dropped about 8
> feet, but shows no exterior breakage.
> I need some reasonable value to put on this stuff. Please help!
> John L. Odom
> Chemist/Microscopist

The rainbows can be downloaded.  $5 worth of bandwidth, and likely several 
thou for ink and paper if you need hard copy of all of them.
And since the software market is largely dead, just about anything can be 
replaced with newer versions except Steve Bjorks stuff.  He may have most 
of his games for sale yet.   Steve?  Can you help here?

All of the above is just one old mans idea of the values involved.  
Sentimentally, some of it is worth a lot more.

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