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On Tuesday, September 06, 2011 09:47:35 PM Bruce W. Calkins did opine:

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> From: "Bill"
> > Just got an email from Dennis, and he is " Still digging out here.
> > Just got
> > power back, plumbing fixed. Over a week since Irene, still not living
> > at home.
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> > Dennis"
> I saddened to hear that there are so many problems from Irene.  Our
> power is currently out from Lee's little depression. But there is not
> much damage on our spread.
We just pulled in about an hour ago from the finger lakes country of NY.  
Light rain at 10:30 am as we pulled out of the middle of a cornfield.  
Light turned to medium and mostly steady the rest of the day, getting 
heavier as dusk was closing in 20 miles north of Cumberland MD, at one 
point forcing me to back down to around 40 mph because I was hydroplaning 
in the ruts worn in US-220.  First time I shut the wipers off was on I-79 
at about north Fairmont WV, but then had then in stutter mode from about 
the Mon river bridge in Fairmont, all the way to the house.

We left here Thursday morning with about an inch in the gage, and it was 
exactly full when I dumped it just now, so we got 4.25" from Thursday 
morning to Tuesday evening.

To SHF:  I shut it all down as I left Thursday, and then found that while I 
could suck mail with my lappy sitting in the middle of that cornfield, 
^%$R@$(*& frontiernet.net (Linda's ISP) apparently has outgoing port 25 
blocked in an attempt to force all their customers to use webmail. (Insert 
any one 30 seconds worth of my famous, 5 minute non-repeating, profanity 
laced monologue here) So obviously no one could access my web page, and 
since I just booted everything back up, I doubt the address in my sig is 
good till I check and correct it.  Maybe tomorrow after I've found a 

I feel a bit sorry for Rusty, they went dry most of the spring/summer 
growing season up there, after a spring so wet it was late June before he 
could plant, and his corn looks about like it should have looked in late 
July, but its now early September and what there is, is so wet it may spoil 
still on the stalk.  About 1200 acres of stubby, miss-shapen ears.

But even so, we had some fun between taking in a play called Souvenier 
(sp?), and taking Dee's older sister and her man out to celebrate their 
58th anniversary.

Anyway, we are once again home, and relatively undamaged considering the 
mileage that's on the pair of us already.. :-)  475 mile days in this 
weather is getting to be a drag though. :(

Cheers, gene
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