[Coco] Not the work of A. Nani Mouse Inx!

Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Tue Sep 6 00:10:48 EDT 2011


WARNING, do not click on the ISO link below, it is a ~ 508,000 KB file!

On RTSI there is an ISO file in the

FTP directory /OS9/OS9_6X09/ at www.rtsi.com


Needless to say, not many people have looked in this file.

As I am failing in my search for CC252, I burned the ISO to a very cheap CD.

I found lots of ".dsk" files, mainly duplicates of ones elsewhere, but
perhaps some new ones. Both DECB and OS-9 ones.

I collected the HTML and txt files that describe the ISO contents and have
placed the 41 KB file on my webpage for download.


It can be downloaded by clicking on

"Click Here to Download file coco_archive.zip"

Again, it is a 41 KB file.

Enjoy for while it is available.

(The bottom four links do not work!)


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