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perhaps you do not understand.

Drivewire is just a storage and transfer mechanism.

There is nothing that prevents most ".dsk" files from being loaded onto the 
Drivewire server and than accessed by your CoCo. (Don't try loading CoCo3 
programs into a CoCo2 for example, there are limitations).

You have been given specific web addresses, I am working to announce a bunch 
more ".dsk" in an very inconvenient place.

All the ".dsk" files on RTSI are for the CoCo as well as most of the ones on 
the websites given as well as the results of the searches.

Again, what type of programs are you looking for, DECB, OS-9, Utility, 
Games, Music, ...


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> Thanks for the 5,150 links. Did a Yahoo search and found 11,500 links
> I was hoping to get the name of a web site that has files for the coco .
> With all the DriveWire users they get their files from somewhere...
> Right?
> So I can use some specific web addresses.
> John
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>> On Sun, Sep 4, 2011 at 8:58 PM, john T Chasteen
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>> > What are several web sites that have  .DSK files?
>> Googling: filetype:dsk brings up 5,150 direct links. :)
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>> John Musbach

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