[Coco] Dennis Bathory-Kitsz

Steven Hirsch snhirsch at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 20:35:09 EDT 2011

On Mon, 5 Sep 2011, Bill wrote:

> Just got an email from Dennis, and he is " Still digging out here. Just got
> power back, plumbing fixed. Over a week since Irene, still not living at
> home.
> Please let the rest of the list know, as I don't have my posting address set
> up on this laptop.
> Dennis"

I am sad to hear that Dennis got nailed.  I live about 35 miles from him 
and managed to escape the flooding, but a whole bunch of people I know 
were just devastated.

My wife's cousins in Woodstock, VT had their entire basement full of water 
and are looking at the loss of their heating system :-(.  The pictures 
from around the state just bring tears to my eyes.

To add insult to injury, we've had torrential rain all day today and are 
expecting more tomorrow.  Burlington streets have been closed by flooding. 
Not a real good scene here.  They're concerned about some of the temporary 
bridges and road repairs in the southern part of the state getting washed 
out again.



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