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Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
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The specific question is.

Is anyone producing "C" programs that result in 6309 instructions being 
actually used.

Yes I have the 6309 patch for RMA, two versions, the second one will be 

Yes there is an option in "cc" to call r63 instead of rma.


1) We have only a ipatch to covert rma to r63, if there are any problems it 
would take a enormous amount of work to correct them as source code is not 

2) Test cases, are any of the test cases from the ipatch author available, 
or any other test cases.

3) "cprep" has changed over the years, "cc" also "Ansifront has been 
inserted along with optimization programs. It has been many years, I cannot 
see a date in the ipatch file.

4) From the r63 readme:

> A note of caution should be interjected here. I have not
> really and thoroughly tested the new program.

> This program should be used with some degree of caution,
> being considered to be still in the testing stages, for a
> little while.

Again, if you are producing "C" programs with 6309 instructions, please tell 

Otherwise a note will me made that this has NOT been tested.


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> Stephen H. Fischer wrote:
>> My possible test cases I have also reduced because of my uncertainty that 
>> R63
>> (6309 Version of RMA) may not be in use by anyone in "C". I thought of 
>> too many
>> reasons why not to plan any testing. Please tell me if I am wrong.
> That would only matter if 6309 code was used. If not, the resulting code 
> would run on either 6309 or 6809 systems.
> If you meant for users to assemble your source code and it contains 6309 
> calls or other non-standard commands, then the assembler is important. The 
> Asm supplied in NitrOS-9 will handle 6309 code. I don't think NitrOS-9 
> contains any version of RMA but the disks are included at
> http://tandycoco.com/os9.html
> in the "Downunder" zip file. There is an RMA to 6309 patch on RTSI.
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