[Coco] A little OT, but...

Andrew keeper63 at cox.net
Thu Sep 1 11:05:55 EDT 2011


Here in Arizona, I haven't seen an XT keyboard in ages; at least not at 
my "local haunts" (goodwill, savers, apache reclamation, yard sales, 
antique stores, etc).

I do see a few on Ebay, though (not cheap - all seem to hover around 
$100.00 USD; no idea of condition or workingness).

I tend to look for Model M keyboards myself; those have become difficult 
to find as well (typing on one right now); though Unicomp fortunately 
sells a good replacement (I have one at work - other than the name on 
the plate and the USB connector, its a Model M in every way).

What is the reason an AT or PS/2 keyboard won't work (other than the 
connector)? I'm just curious; I don't know much about the differences of 
the earlier PC keyboards. I know I have plugs that will change a PS/2 
connector into the larger DIN connector like the AT keyboard used; I 
thought it was the same as the XT (I once owned an XT machine, but got 
rid of it during a move - way too heavy; wish I still had it, though).

-- Andrew L. Ayers, Glendale, Arizona

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