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On Thursday, October 27, 2011 04:06:22 PM Marc Charbonneau did opine:

> > Humm, unforch, no 'english' button & I don't read french.
> They probably speak English, so you can try your question by email :
> ventes at crcordinateur.com
> Alternatively, since I read and speak french, and I'm in the same area
> code as them, let me know if I can help.
I am not 'in the market' but my 4n1 has been removed to make address space 
available for a TC^3 controller with an RTC in it, so a good offer might 
entice me to part with it but not the SC-II itself.  That however I'd 
assume would be for the OP to decide.  It has been slightly modified 
because it was living in an MPI, so it is being powered from there, never 
had the wall wart which I never bought plugged in.  This would give if 
plugged into an SC-II, the RTC, a serial port, and a parallel port.  3 of 
the 4n1 IOW.

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