[Coco] DriveWire 4 server version 3.9.98

gene heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Tue Oct 25 08:35:58 EDT 2011

On Tuesday, October 25, 2011 07:46:13 AM Aaron Wolfe did opine:

> Hi Coconuts,
> This is somewhat experimental so please use with caution until it's well
> tested.  Especially with disk images from remote source (web sites, ftp,
> etc) the last modified date may not be reliable.
> If the server finds that the source timestamp has changed whilst it has
> uncommitted changes in it's buffer, it will warn you in the log but it
> *will* overwrite the source with it's version.
> -Aaron
Hi Aaron;

I'm back from Cinci, with a cold thats really a drag.  I put the newest 
.jar in just now.  And last night, I blew myself away by making another 
boot floppy for the coco3 while booted to the previous drivewire enabled 
disk. The reason for my amazement was that format needs about 7k of free 
ram, and smap said I only had 4!  But it worked, and I added a few more /n# 

I have also setup the printers filepath, and added my cocodw daemon to 
GO.sh, so theoretically I should be able to print, but haven't tested that 

I also found a src of USB-2.0 extension cables that I thought when I 
ordered them, were 15 feet long, which would just barely reach, but when 
the order came in, they were 10 meters long, way beyond the USB-2.0 spec, 
but the one I installed last night works well and signs on at 480Mbs.

From a lsusb:
Bus 001 Device 015: ID 1a40:0201 TERMINUS TECHNOLOGY INC.

I also bought a 10 port hub for the cocos desk, and all this runs over that 
33 foot extension cable now.  This includes a ser-usb connection from /t2 
running at 9600 baud.  This, sacia etc are what I want to remove from the 
bootfile & use something like putty over one of the /n connections, which 
should free at least 3 to 5k of system ram.

But, at this point I think I need some inetd or puttytel help.  I can't get 
anything but a connection refused out of puttytel to localhost 6809.

So, what should my inetd.conf, which is:

6809 telnet protect banner,login,
6810 proc,

be set to, or, what is the correct puttytel invocation?

This:puttytel -telnet -P
opens puttytel's configuration screen, I then fill in the IP, on port 6809, 
hit "open", which opens a greyed out small window, and a full brightness 
"connection refused" box, which when ok is clicked goes away, along with 
the greyed out window.  This is true for localhost 6809, 192.168.xx.xx 
6809, or the FQDN of this machine.  Also true if I just use putty -telnet.

Probably an attack of dumbass, or -ENOTENOUGHCAFFEINE, but its not working 
and staring at the putty man page isn't helping.

inetd is running:

 ID Prnt User Pty  Age  Tsk  Status  Signal   Module    I/O Paths
___ ____ ____ ___  ___  ___  _______ __  __  _________ __________________
  1   0    0  255  255   00  sTimOut  0  00  System    <Term >Term >>Term
  2   1    0  128  128   00  s        0  00  Shell     <Term >Term >>Term
  3   7    0  128  128   02  s        0  00  Proc      <t2   >t2   >>t2
  5   0    0  128  131   00  s        0  00  Shell     <W4   >W4   >>W4
  6   0    0  128  129   00  s        0  00  Shell     <W1   >W1   >>W1
  7   0    0  128  131   00  s        0  00  Shell     <t2   >t2   >>t2
  8   0    0  128  128   00  s        0  00  inetd     <DD   >Term >>Term

Clues?  LART's?

Thanks Aaron.

Cheers, Gene
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