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Chester A Patterson vchester at setec-cr.com
Fri Oct 21 16:15:34 EDT 2011

Recently a post or two complained about how Steve Jobs was far more recognized in media, erroneously, than Dennis Ritchie.

The Economist On-Line is one that did NOT follow the pack in that respect.

Without permission and totally illegally I here partially quote

Dennis Ritchie, a father of modern computing, died on October 8th, aged 70

EVERY time you tap an iSomething, you are touching a little piece of Steve Jobs. His singular vision shaped the products Apple has conjured up, especially over the last 14 years, after Jobs returned to the helm of the company he had founded. Jobs's death in October resembled the passing of a major religious figure. But all of his technological miracles, along with a billion others sold by Apple's competitors, would be merely pretty receptacles were it not for Dennis Ritchie. It is to him that they owe their digital souls, the operating systems and programs which make them tick.

It has been POURING RAIN here in Costa Rica for the last two weeks non-stop. Those of you who love good coffee, this season is going to be pretty poor!

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