[Coco] OT: Battery chargers

Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
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Gene already corrected me on that point, 1400. (I posted a bad answer just
to make sure he responded. :D)

One factor that you might be interested in, Gene and I were discussing the
electrical properties being correct for your needs.

What I have become aware is that the battery pack is inside a tight plastic
case and temperature monitoring may be problematic.

The temperature problem may range from none at all to such a danger that
your house may burn down. 8-O

The original plastic is of such an age that melting to me is very likely.

That may be part of the ~ $180 replacement being offered.

So monitor the heating very closely. Should you need to start over with a
different solution (The one I would have chosen) try and save the connector


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> The charger arrived today, but now I have another question. The pack has
> eight 1400 mAh batteries in series (1.2V x 8 = 9.6V). Is it still
> considered a 1400 mAh battery or is it 11,200 mAh (8 x 1400)?
> Thanks!

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