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Having used both with and without the enclosure, if I ever ordered a third
one, it'd be without. Even with the ventilation holes, it gets pretty warm.

I say give the option.
On Oct 6, 2011 7:21 PM, <RJRTTY at aol.com> wrote:
> People
> I am about to resume production of my SVGA converter. One
> thing that concerns me is the time it takes to produce the
> unit when I include an enclosure. Making the enclosure
> consumes so much of my time and resources that it inhibits
> the rate at which I can meet my orders in a timely fashion.
> Sooo.... I am asking the general audience here if having
> an enclosure is all that important. The bare board would
> have all the proper connectors attached and would also include
> the coco side interface cable and a small board level push-
> button switch for a reset.
> Should I ask each person their preference before I assemble
> the unit and make it to order or could I get away with dropping
> the enclosure option altogether? Not requiring an enclosure
> would sure help me fulfill orders for the unit a LOT quicker....
> So what will it be. What is the general opinion about this matter
> on this list is what I want to know. To enclose or not to enclose,
> that is the question.
> Roy
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Roy, in my opnion, your best option would be to offer the option to the customer and then you could charge accordingly when the extra time is needed to do the enclosure.  personnally i would order one (and in fact probably will) without the enclosure.    

Please let me know how much they are (without the enclosure) for my planning purposes.  Thanks.


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