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Mark Marlette said the following on 10/05/2011 10:59 AM:
> Several years ago, at one the the ChicagoFests, I met a guy that was attempting to use the AVR platform to emulate the 6809.>
> Not sure what happened to this as I haven't seen him there again.
> Chris Hawks worked for him or at the same company.
> Chris???

	The only one that could be is Carl Kreider carl.kreider at comcast.net) (and I 
don't recall him ever doing anything with Amtel chips. We did write a 
cross-assembler (68000 on x68 Linux) tho.

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> And your account at gate.net is refusing my messages, James.
>> Gene
>> The ATmel AVRs are more like the HC11/HC12 in assembly programming.
>> There are some similarities and uniquicness of the AVR that has to be
>> taken into account inporting Nitros09 over to say an XMega AVR. There
>> are 32 8 bit general purpose registers. Register 31 and 32 act as a 16
>> bit Z register, 29 and 30 would correspond to the Y register and 28 and
>> 29 would correspond to the X register of the 6809.
>> 6809 code may be easier to port over. Not sure if 6309 is real easy or
>> not.
>> The XMega series is as powerful an 8 bit processor as there is that is
>> still in production. There are some neat things they do that are
>> better. I like the RAMPx instruction where any of the 26 general
>> purpose registers can be concacted with the Index registers to form 24
>> or 32 bit registers. You can point to any where in a 24 bit memory map.
>> There also is a DMA on some flavors.
>> It truly would be a neat project and a rather lengthy undertaking to do
>> though.
>> james
>> On 2 Oct 2011 at 18:07, gene heskett wrote:
>>> Thanks Mark.
>>> Silly Q?  Is this atmel chip equipt with the command set that would
>>> let nitros9 be ported to it?
> Cheers, Gene

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