[Coco] Previously unknown dcheck option found!

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Wed Oct 5 07:33:20 EDT 2011

While studying the "source code" for dcheck, I've run into an option which is 
not listed in the OS-9 owner's manual and which I have not seen mentioned 
anywhere. Give the following a try: dcheck -d /d0   or your disk of choice.

The -d options seems to make dcheck give running commentary for every file it is 
checking. The reporting is not all that obvious as to meaning and seems slightly 
buggy lacking a final carriage return.
Anyone know about this option?

I said "source code" for a reason. The code given for dcheck in the NitrOS-9 
project while shown as assembly, almost certainly is disassembled C code. That 
makes the logic almost impossible to follow.
I've been trying to understand this code so that it can be patched. Dcheck does 
not work correctly with disks formatted with cluster sizes other than 1.

The C code for os9dcheck (part of Toolshed) works better but I'm not a good 
enough C programmer to convert the subroutine to a stand-alone new dcheck for 
Anyone interested in working on updating dcheck, please contact me privately.

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