[Coco] Audio recording on CoCo

Brian G briang0671 at sbcglobal.net
Tue Nov 22 13:04:36 EST 2011

Thank You. To everyone that responded to my questions. It has been very 

Have a good Thanksgiving everyone.

On 11/20/2011 9:57 PM, Brian G wrote:
> I would like some advice on how to transfer LP music to CD.
> What equipment, software is needed? I have a turntable that I have not 
> used in years, so starting from that, what do I need?
> Second question. Is it _possible_ to save music files on the CoCo and 
> play them back and sound decent?
> I would like to work on some software/hardware project on the Coco and 
> have the music play.
>  Any ideas?

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