[Coco] who can burn me Drivewire 3 on a Eprom RomPak?

Aaron Wolfe aawolfe at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 07:16:08 EST 2011

Sorry I must have confused you with someone else, thought the superIDE
was already ordered.

There are a few folks on the list who can burn the eprom, and Brian
offered.  However finding something to stick the eprom in can be more
of a challenge.  If you have an rs232 pak with socketed rom that is an
option, since the rom in the rs232 pak is basically worthless, or
maybe some other controller or rompak that has a socket.  There are
some folks who object to re-purposing rompaks but I don't really
understand what that is all about... if you take something you don't
use and turn it into something you do use, I think it's a win.   Every
once in a while ebay will have some bare circuit boards for rompaks,
leftover parts from other coco projects, but that isn't a sure thing.

Other options are getting the rom loaded without the rompak.. Via
cassette from a cheap mp3 player or something like that isnt a bad way
to go.  You will probably be able to locate (or just make) a cassette
cable easier than finding a way to plug in a rom.  I think you can
also load the rom via disk if you happen to have a working fdd.  If
nothing else you could use cocoboot to load the drivewire rom using
drivewire (strange but true), cocoboot can definitely load from disk.

good luck

On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 5:09 AM, Laurent Dziubas
<laurent.dziubas at gmail.com> wrote:
> If not necessary I wont buy a SuperIDE,
> The Drivewire burned on eprom with serialcable is enough for me...
> Yes, I tried cocotape with a cassette cable
> But I don't have 5 pin din to audio jack that works with the Coco3
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