[Coco] DriveWire 4 packaging

Aaron Wolfe aawolfe at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 23:00:55 EDT 2011

Hi coconuts,

In finishing up the DW4 for a finished, non beta release, I have some
different options and I wondered if anyone has preferences or thoughts
on how I do it.

First, is there anyone using an operating system other than linux,
windows or os x?  I can package others, freebsd, solaris etc but
figured better to save the space if no one uses them.
Any linux cpu types other than intel 32/64?  Again I could package
arm, sparc, etc but don't want to waste time + space.
(for either item above, a user can always build their own package to
support any platform from source, I'm just picking what is included in
the stock package)

Second issue..  how do people feel about the current "no installation,
just unzip anywhere and run it" distribution.
Would you rather have the traditional "double click setup.exe, click
yes a few times, get some icons in your start menu" type of thing (or
the equivalent on mac) ?
Do you think it matters?  It would be a bit of extra work to add
native installers but if it makes DW4 more accessible I don't mind
doing it.

Also if there are any bugs or anything that you just wish was
different/better, now is the time to let me know.  I have another CoCo
project queued up but want to get DW4 to a "finished" stage first.
I appreciate any thoughts, you can email directly if you prefer.

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