[Coco] question about transfering files from a ziped file and place on a disk image so i can trasfer to coco3 with drivewire coconet or drivpack

Aaron Wolfe aawolfe at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 22:44:54 EDT 2011

You can use DW4 to do this easily.  I got tired of the tedium usually
involved in getting something from a website onto my OS9 system and so
have put in a number of tricks to make it simple :)

Let's say you have a file called c:\myfolder\app.lzh (or .lha or .arc,
whatever).   Although you can unpack on the PC, its often easily to
unpack on the CoCo directly, thats what I usually do.  Either way..
you have some file or files on your PC and want to have them on the

In OS9, you can use a command like:

dw server list C:\myfolder\app.lzh > app.lzh

This will cause the contents of C:\myfolder\app.lzh to be dumped to
OS9's stdout, which can then be redirected as normally.

If you've forgotten the exact file name, you could use a command like

dw server dir c:\myfolder

to view the contents of a directory on your PC from the OS9 shell.

But, this is actually still not as easy as it could be, because all
paths in DW4 support URIs.  So, say the file you want is on RTSI.. you
can do something like:

dw server list ftp://www.rtsi.com/OS9/OS9_6X09/APPS/ac.lzh > /DD/stuff/ac.lzh

This will effectively copy the file directly from the RTSI ftp site to
a disk on your CoCo, no need to do any intermediate steps on the PC.

"dw server dir" also works on remote URIs, so you can do:

dw server dir ftp://www.rtsi.com/OS9/OS9_6X09/APPS

on the CoCo and get a directory listing from the FTP site just as
easily as a one from your local PC.

You can also abbreviate all the DW commands to their shortest unique
form, i.e. "dw s d" or "dw s l".


On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 6:14 PM, Richard Hawk <rhawk1 at centurylink.net> wrote:
> I have downloaded os9 programs and os9 games os9 application off of various
> websites.  I was able to extract them with IZArc 4.1.6.  now how do I put
> them on a disk or disk image.  I have Rogers drive pack and I have also
> Bluetooth coconet, and also have drivewire4 with the cable.  so I know I
> will need to create a disk on modern pc. and somehow use a program to put
> them on the .dsk (image).  Can you please walk me through step by step to
> get it on a .dsk image and then I can transfer them to a real disk and put
> in on drive pack or drive wire thanks Richard Hawk
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