[Coco] Missing "User Manual" needed

Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at Mindspring.com
Wed Mar 30 18:49:14 EDT 2011


I could not find your name in the [CoCoList for Color Computer Enthusiasts] 
user list.

It might be that new users need to wait for a few posts before allowing 
URL's to be included.

I have seen this on AVS for sure. Here a moderator must grant new users 

We are very protective of our little maltedmedia home as we needed to move 
here as a very sick person whose stated purpose was to destroy us was doing 
a great job of it years ago.


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>  Do I need to do something in order to post URLs to the list?  I posted
> the same link as you, Darren, but my message never showed up -- only the
> second message I wrote mentioning that the info the OP was looking for
> was actually in the Dec '90 issue.
> Thanks :)
> --Eric
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