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What I would do is create a log-in for Wikipedia, log in, then make the corrections. Unless you have a log-in it won't record who made the changes. I've made a few changes on the CoCo section and in various articles on AMC/Rambler cars, and use a log-in. Also note what changes you made. "clarified who makes wireless paks" or something short similar to that is all that's required. When you make your log-in put your qualifications in your profile. "Hardware developer for Tandy Color Computer, run CoCo web site, XX years experience with CoCo." That will help if someone wonders why you made a correction later. My user name there is "farna" as well... use the same name almost everywhere, just different passwords.

Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 15:00:41 +0200
From: Fedor Steeman<petrander at gmail.com>

You can look at the history tab and painstakingly try to find the version
where this change was made and then find out whodunnit.

Or you could simply make the change yourself. It is, after all, an open
encyclopedia with free admission for everyone.


On 25 March 2011 17:43, Roger Taylor<operator at coco3.com>  wrote:

> >
> >
> >  Can someone tell me where I can find out who entered or edited the
> >  following entry at wikipedia ?  The way it is worded could be misinterpreted
> >  as Cloud-9 offering a bluetooth pak, even though a comma is used to separate
> >  what new hardware gadgets are available out there.  I want to add my own
> >  line that clarifies who produces such a pak.
> >
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