[Coco] Slightly OT: Midwest Gaming Classic

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Tue Mar 29 11:37:06 EDT 2011

At 12:50 AM 3/29/2011, you wrote:
>Just got back today from this weekend's Midwest Gaming Classic in
>Milwaukee.  Again I had my trusty CoCo display in the 'museum' area,
>which featured computers and consoles from the 70's and 80's.  And yet
>again, Sock Master's Donkey Kong was a huge hit, there was almost
>always someone playing it.
>This year I was finally able to get Nick Marentes' Space Intruders to
>load successfully, and it impressed a lot of the 8-bit guys that were
>not familiar with the CoCo.  I heard a lot of "What's this port?  Who
>did that?  Those graphics are great!"
>My ~22 year old CoCo ran 10 hours straight Saturday, and another 7
>hours Sunday flawlessly.  That makes three years in a row for this
>event.  What a workhorse, considering how much mileage it has on it
>from the first 10+ years of it's life!
>A big hat tip to the Hawksoft S-Video adapter, which provided video to
>the 23" LCD TV.   I had the only HD display in the room, all the other
>guys just bring their old monitors or tube TV's. I'm willing to ignore
>a little authenticity in exchange for weight and ease of fitting in
>the car.  Plus, the CoCo looks great on that display!

>Near closing time on Sunday I did a demo of using both Roger's
>wireless and SD card paks in tandem in an MPI, copying a disk image
>from a Windows 7 netbook to the SD card drive over the wireless.  One
>of the Commodore fan in the room said "WHY?.................Don't we
>have that kind of cool stuff?"  Followed by much laughter.

I can't help but wonder.... what were they laughing at?  :)

By the way, thanks for demoing my stuff and showing those guys at 
least that we're still around and kicking!  I always knew the CoCo 
would outlive the Commies.  :)

~ Roger Taylor

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