[Coco] CoCo Forums Update

Brian Blake random.rodder at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 10:56:40 EDT 2011

Good morning TRS-80 and CoCoNutz,

I wanted to give an update on the CoCo
We currently have 34 members (actually 31 since there are a few test members
from the original setup), 42 Topics with 193 Posts.

I've recently added a forum for the guys with the FPGA CoCo's, added the
ability to attach DSK files, increased the maximum document size, and I
continue to try to find ways to refine things. I've also started trying to
populate the Tech Section with some usable info.

If you have or haven't checked them out, come on by and take a look around.
If you like what you see, start posting. If not, tell me how to make it

You guys on the TRS-80 Yahoo group, there's a section for you there as well.
Even though I own a Model IV, I don't have much in the way of useful info to
post there, so feel free to come on by change that...


Ohioan by birth, Floridian by the grace of U-Haul and a bad economy...

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