[Coco] On topic and related to a wannabe Glory boy(Video Player)

Richard Ivey rrivey at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 19 19:08:36 EDT 2011

Easy Briza.. Easy.. It's all good.  Both side made valid points and we all know 
that Steve just speaks in a particular way.  I don't think he intends insult, 
persay.  He's just doesn't.. umm .errr.. refine what he says sometimes.  He says 
what he says.  Anyone in this group knows that.  It just is what it is.  Despite 
his perceived (or maybe real) arrogance or lack of tact sometimes, this 
community does owe him his due respect for his early work.  I still play Polaris 
a ton.

Honestly, would I watch Star Wars on that player from beginning to end?  No.  
Who would?  But the fact he got it to do it at all is the achievement.  Now.. 
that would be cool if small snippets of video could be blended into new games.  
But it's a novelty, not a piratical app.  But don't think for a minute I 
wouldn't want that program.  It would be very very very cool.

So, before we all start leaving the lists and stuff, let's just take a breath.

Bet you never thought your video player would stir up so much broohaahaa, eh?

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Subject: Re: [Coco] On topic and related to a wannabe Glory boy(Video Player)

As I was not reading the entire thread, I had to look at the archive online. I 
found 2 posts from Brian Palmer prior to this post. The second one refers to the 
possibility of a blocked previous post, so I can assume that is not the post 
being referred to. The other post is dated Wed Mar 16 23:21:33 EDT 2011. I am 
pasting the first line here so Briza can tell if that is the post he is 
referring to.

"Damn If that was done in the late 80's or early 90's it would be classed as 
revolutionary for a 8bit system no matter what the video quality was like."

I know that there are times when I don't get every post to the list. I never get 
a copy of a post I make. I don't know what the problem is, but I hope it can be 
resolved without any further pain or anguish between list members.


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Subject: [Coco] On topic and related to a wannabe Glory boy(Video Player)

So Admin on this mailing list, Why did you block my 2nd last reply where I 
defended myself against that Bjerk, He started it with his constant negative 
tactics off putting down other peoples ideas or projects. I did not see any 
abuse or insults in my post you blocked. I recall him being rude and insulting 
about my English, But His the one who always makes spelling errors and uses poor 
So what I see here is a bully group off certain individuals who go out off their 
way to put everyone into a corner and not allow them to have a right to an 
opinion. I guess you are up Bjork's backside as well and he has brain washed you 
into thinking he does good in this computer club, I will let you on a secret he 
did not get the Nickname Bjerk for nothing, he earned it with his way off being 
so arrogant towards others. And he is constantly talking about doing this and 
that but no one ever see's anything come from it.
So Admin how about taking me off your list as I can't I lost the info to my 
account on the list. No point being in here as long as you all bow down to 
someone who has done nothing for the coco computers over the last 19-20yrs. I 
have done more for the coco family then he will ever do as I don't seek fame or 
I am leaving the group and will have nothing to do with the ass-holes in the 
list, And the people will notice my absence in the coco family as I play a major 
part in keeping people in it by being there when they want to relive their youth 
by having games they remember so fondly. We will see if there will be a coco 
family after Steve has his way and is allowed to be a dictator in here.
6yrs I have been in this list, never thought I would be pushed out by a tosser 
who hides behind past glories.
BTW Steve Bjerk when are you going to be putting up the interview from the Skype 
conference that Nick was a part off? I guess even if you did you would cut out 
most and only leave most of the shit you dribbled out of your mouth, Can't have 
anyone take the lime light away HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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