[Coco] CoCo Video Player

brian palmer tigers2roar at yahoo.com.au
Wed Mar 16 23:21:33 EDT 2011

Damn If that was done in the late 80's or early 90's it would be classed as revolutionary for a 8bit system no matter what the video quality was like. 
 Steve u always seem to put down what ppl do on the coco. Shit it is a Hobby and nothing else now, I am glad to see ppl still pushing the technology. I Congratulate John on even attempting such a demo lol. I used to respect you once but lately,  not so sure now all you seem to do is pick on others doing something.
 John was it using a stock 6809 Cpu? What would it be like using a 6309 chip and using the full 160x200x256 odd color artifacts I reckon it would be 10 times better and kick anything on any other 8bit machine to the Kerb. with the added speed and the code tweaked up I can see the picture quality and sound being very impressive for a 8bit system.
 That's why I still say Tandy were Ass-#### and should have started selling the coco 3 with 6309 chips installed factory standard after the 6309 chip was created, we may have seen more games that pushed the limits even further lol. Plus more advanced Apps. And if it was done earlier would have seen more routines and John's Video player would be something You and others would have said was darn pretty cool lol.
 That's my 5cents worth as People in Australia don't use 1 or 2 cents anymore, So I rounded it to the nearest full decimal currency here lmao





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