[Coco] Will this build-your-own s-video board work for CoCo 3?

Frank Swygert farna at att.net
Wed Mar 9 10:45:00 EST 2011

Yes, you can go straight to a 1084 with a straight through cable. That's what I used with my last CoCo3. Mine was a Commodore 1084S, but the S just means it had two speakers for stereo output (if you had a source). I don't recall the specs on the monitor, but I think it could sense the sync signal used. I don't recall doing anything special. I think I had composite and RGB connected at the same time (switch to composite for some games). Maybe it used the composite sync signal? Should be some notes on that in my book, "Tandy's Little Wonder", download the PDF from the list site (in folder "farna"). I don't remember now, but do know I made a straight through cable for it with no circuitry.

Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2011 22:47:05 -0500
From: Blake Patterson<blakespot at gmail.com>

But, doesn't the CoCo 3 wire straight into a 1084? From what I've read
it just works on that screen. Wouldn't that mean it's the same signal
type of the Amiga?


(I can't go straight to a 1084 with a properly wired simple cable, then?)

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